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With your business under pressure to continually adapt, your IT is crucial to your successful evolution. Yet there is only one company that can offer you a truly comprehensive transformation service.

radtac's four-pillar approach – a unique IT-enabled transformation solution


Behaviour Transformation

Enabling transformational leadership unlocks the potential of intrinsic behaviours and individual strengths to deliver vision and value as a team.

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Capability Transformation

Seed your teams with the expertise and energy to introduce and accelerate transformation, demonstrate its outcome – and secure its legacy.

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Recruitment & Resourcing

With of our in-depth industry expertise & candidate network, we can offer clients access to the best talent in the market.

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Knowledge Transformation

Bring your teams up to speed – fast – on Agile, Lean, Kanban and project management.

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About radtac

Back in the 1990s, our transformation programmes for clients such as British Airways and Friends Provident pioneered enterprise-wide Agile and Lean enablement.

Today, our team’s depth and breadth of experience and expertise in IT-enabled business transformation methods is unmatched. And because we always pair experts with complementary skills, you can be sure that you are always dealing with true specialists.

With our four-pillar offering, we are the only people providing the full spectrum of training, in-house coaching and software development. As “method agnostic” transformation and training consultants, the service extends across all modern IT management and delivery methods.

With this capability, we can scale upwards and outwards from individual projects to the entire organisation. So you won’t just do it, you will become it.

With radtac, transformation is not a goal, it is a guarantee.

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